CIF Projects 2017-2018

People Tree

This is a list of the projects for the Consumer Initiative Fund (CIF) for 2017-18

Education and Leisure Fund bursary

Up to $400 bursary for costs.
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Crisis Grants
Grants for consumers with unexpected circumstances.
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Art & Code: motion, pattern & shape
More information coming soon.
Art & Code: motion, pattern & shape is a weekly series of workshops and open studios that teach code through visual art. Participants will learn and use creative code to create art for screens, the body (wearables) and the real world (through hardware & 3D printing). These workshops are inclusive, welcoming women identified, gender non conforming, queer and people of colour (and their allies!). Art & Code: motion, pattern & shape is free and open to anyone who self-identifies as experiencing mental health or addictions issues. No experience with technology (or art!) is required to attend.
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Healing Drop-in Sing-along
More information coming soon.
A lively sit down circle of participants joining in a wide range of popular songs lyric sheets and hand instruments will be provided.  Participants are encouraged to contribute their “favourites”, be it songs, poetry or sometimes breaking into toe tapping frenzy and inspired dance-able movement.  We will meet for 90 minute sessions with some optional vocal and stretching exercises.  Refreshment breaks provided.

Kinect: Move Better. Feel Better.  Think Better.
More information coming soon.
Kinect is a project that builds community and mental resiliency by moving together.  Build up your mental health toolkit while engaging in fun, creative movement.  Discover your inner strength though purposeful activity that is parted with a field discovery topic for each of the eight weeks.

Social Butterflies Activity Group
The activity group is a group uniquely for women of all ages with a “lived experience of mental health issues.”  Once a month the women will go out for diner outings to enjoy a meal, socialize, bond, and find companionship.  Occasionally there will be outings to music concerts, dance classes, and walks.  Together we will celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and the holidays in December.  It is a group for women to develop their own support network and empower each other.
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Supportive Connections
A series of workshops led by and for people with lived experience of mental health, substance use and members of the community.  Sharing stories of success with living beyond their challenges, exchanging skills and coping strategies, participants will walk away empowered and inspired. These workshops are peer-led and will take place in two locations partnered with LookOut Emergency Aid Society Yukon Housing Centre and Bloom Group Nicholson Tower.
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Together We Cook – Together We Feed
What mental health and substance use people want more than anything is to have a safe place to have a coffee and a meal and see people they have so much in common with.  There will be a meal and social club every week on Wednesdays at the church hall in Marpole where they have as city wide approved kitchen.  There will be a sign up sheet at the front of the church hall where mental health and substance user people can sign up and attend the event.  There will be a rotating team of cooks.  Also there will be five volunteer cleaners and everyone gets a chance to have a healthy and filling meal.  These teams will rotate and everyone shares the work.
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