ECHO January

Happy New Year everyone!

I apologize for the delay in getting the calendars out for January, but here they are! Please note, the newsletter this month is a short version – the regular additions will be added back for February. This month we also have an additional Wake Up Your Wellness calendar (WUYW) with events that are happening outside of ECHO during the days we are open for appointments only.

January 2016 – Edmonds cmha  January 2016 – Gilmore chma  January 2016 Newsletter chma January 2016 WUYW – Edmonds chma  January 2016 YA chma

Programs to note this month:

Health Literacy: Sleep better! – Thursday January 7th

Feeding Your Spirit: New year, new intentions – Wednesday January 13th

Wake Up Your Wellness – last two weeks of January *sign up at Edmonds site

Family Bowling Night – Thursday January 21st

ECHOs Got Talent – Friday January 29th

Thanks – have a great day!

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