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January 23-25 | Downtown Vancouver

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5th Annual
Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Summit

From Vision to Action: Implementing a Systemic Approach

January 23 – 25, 2014
Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites
Vancouver, BC

Are you concerned about the climate on your campus around mental health and substance use?

Are you intrigued (or overwhelmed!) by how to shift campus “policies” and “culture” to create healthier campus communities?

Do you want to share what you are doing on your campus, in your classroom, in residence or in the boardroom?

Are you curious about what other universities, colleges and institutes are up to?

Summit Overview

You’re invited to join us for a dynamic 3-day gathering thoughtfully constructed to bring together a variety of post-secondary community members to respond to the question:

How do we* design post-secondary education and vibrant campuses that are conducive to – and foster – mental health and wellbeing, healthier relationships with substances, meaningful engagement and transformational learning?

*We being all campus community members: students, instructors, administrators, presidents, student services professionals, researchers, parents, community-based organizations and governments.

Participants will contribute their valuable knowledge and experience from diverse perspectives and vantage points to advance the implementation of a systemic approach to campus mental health and substance use.

A systemic approach “is comprehensive, and views the whole campus as the domain to be addressed and as responsible for enhancing and maintaining the mental health of community members; extends the focus beyond the individual and strategies such as treatment, skill building and awareness to the whole campus including its environment, organizational structure, policies and practices…”

Find out more and download the national guide

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Our Intention

This is a working summit where we will explore and refine ideas. We will source knowledge and experience, consult with each other and document what emerges. Bringing together stakeholders with different roles and backgrounds has been shown to:

*   increase understanding of opportunities, gaps and barriers;
*   improve the relevance and potential of the methods and levers identified to facilitate change; and
*   strengthen the likelihood of positive impact.

What is produced will be participant-driven and may lead to summaries of key learnings, recommendations, essential elements, process guides, plans and new collaborations.

Areas of Focus

Incorporated within the Summit will be an opportunity to focus in on areas of particular interest to you, including:

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/ArrowBullet.png] Situational Assessment, Engagement and Planning [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/ArrowBullet.png] Campus Policies [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/ArrowBullet.png] Learning Environments [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/ArrowBullet.png] Community Connectedness, Belonging and Inclusion [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/ArrowBullet.png] Services and Supports

What to Expect

When you attend the 5th Annual Summit, you can expect to:

Connect with people from different departments/roles and from other institutions and organizations.
Share actions you have taken, results you have observed, resources you have developed or found useful, challenges you are looking to tackle, opportunities you see and ideas you would like to move forward.
Learn from each other and from what emerges.
Reflect on what captures your attention. What is the current situation at your campus/other campuses? What could be? How do you move from what-is to what-could-be?
Co-Create and innovate together. This is a working summit where we will explore and refine ideas. We will source knowledge and experience, consult with each other and document.
Inspire new links, enthusiasm and commitment for action.

Program Design

There is a reason we call our annual face-to-face event a summit and not a conference. As a community of practice, we value participant-driven learning and opportunities to share ideas and resources; we have witnessed what can emerge from collaborative exploration and development. Open space methodology has been a valued feature at our summits and every year we try new things. You should also know that your planning committee is very committed to taking care of you while you are with us! Below is a sample of how we will help you connect, share, learn, reflect, co-create and inspire.

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Share Fair – campuses will be allocated space to display resources (e.g. strategy documents, policies, program/campaign materials, research, tools, etc), or post a question [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Catalyst presentations [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Panels and group dialogues [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Semi-structured streams for each focus area designed to support learning, exploration and content development [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Built-in opportunities to encourage exchange of ideas between streams in order to respond to the inherent crossover between focus areas [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Presentations by students and recent alumni highlighting their research, advocacy efforts, initiatives and ideas* [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Open space (click here <http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=89f97fb89c&e=f568cf4c72> to learn about open space) [https://gallery.mailchimp.com/5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce/images/DesignBullet.png]  Evening coffee house, good food, positive environment, yoga, etc.

*The Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Student Leaders and Recent Alumni group will be issuing a call for presentation proposals to fellow students and recent alumni. More details coming soon!

Who Should Participate



Register online at http://hmhcsummit2014.eventbrite.ca

Registration Fees

Early Bird (until December 23): $240
Regular: $260
PSCA Member: $200
Student: $50

Saturday Only Option
In recognition that some students (and others) may not be able to attend weekday sessions, we have created a Saturday only registration option.

Saturday Only: $80
Saturday Only – Student: $20

Option to Share a Registration Spot
For anyone who is not able to attend the full Summit but has a colleague who they would like to share a registration spot with, this option is available on the registration form.


Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites
1763 Comox Street
Vancouver, BC

A block of rooms has been set aside for Summit participants at a special rate of $109

Reserve your room early to ensure this rate!

*   Call 1-800-663-1144<tel:1-800-663-1144> or 604-682-6278<tel:604-682-6278>
*   Book online by clicking here<http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=f754e91bdf&e=f568cf4c72>

Group booking code is CPS-GFC3793597

Please note that if you are interested in booking a superior room ($149) or a one-bedroom suite ($179) you must call the hotel to make this type of reservation.

More Information

Visit http://healthycampuses.ca/summit-2014<http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=6a4690a309&e=f568cf4c72> for more details or email your inquiry to healthy.campuses@cmha.bc.ca<mailto:healthy.campuses@cmha.bc.ca>

Feedback from the 4th Annual Summit
Revolutionizing Campus Wellness: A Vision for Healthy Campus Communities

As a result of the Summit…

“I feel more supported in my efforts to promote campus wellness and feel more connected to a community to collaborate with. I left feeling very inspired and positive about the direction of post-secondary and student wellness. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was incredibly well organized and effectively delivered- it greatly surpassed my expectations.”

“I have broadened my thinking and seen the importance of sharing responsibility across a number of sectors and the socio-ecological approach. Also, I have some concrete ideas for next steps.”

“I am more aware of work on many levels I think needs to start happening in my institution. But rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of the task I’m inspired to get strategic, find allies, and work gradually and concretely to identify and respond to needs in the areas of student wellbeing, mental health and risky substance use.”

Click here for more testimonials<http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=0e62b6e1c0&e=f568cf4c72>

Click here to review content from the 4th Annual Summit<http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=707af47d5f&e=f568cf4c72>

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Watch video ><http://healthycampuses.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5d5c411ef851fcaeffa3ca9ce&id=4a033a54e4&e=f568cf4c72>



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