A book recommendation: A Street Cat Named Bob

by Ian Sadler

I have recently read a great book.  It’s a very easy read and not very long, but interesting material related to substance use and anyone who likes cats.

I heard about it from looking at a list of mental health/substance use movies that were shown in Victoria, BC at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

As you can gather, the book was made into a movie (it was listed on a movie list), but artistic license was taken and it differs from the original book.

The book is called:  A Street Cat Named Bob [2012] by James Bowen.

It is the true life story of James and how a stray cat, who he names Bob, comes into his life and effectively rescues James from drug use.

In the book, James first tries to find who owns Bob, but is unsuccessful.

Bob has an infection in one of his legs and James makes sure he heals from this wound. But then tries to send Bob on his way.  Well Bob would have none of this and lets James know, in no uncertain terms, that he really likes James and wants to stay with him.   So now James now has a cat in his life.

The bonding of the two of them causes both of their lives to radically change for the better.  Their adventures lead to James writing the book, which became an international best seller.

There are some sequels to the book and cover their further adventures, which I have not read yet.  I plan to read these as well.

I totally loved the book and recommend it to everyone who was a good read and a heartwarming story.

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