A free on-line course on happiness – what’s not to love?

Saw this item in an newsletter from the Greater Good Science Center (USC Berkeley)and thought it might be of general interest to the life long learners among us.

What makes you happy? We posed this question to the more than 100,000 students enrolled in “The Science of Happiness,” the Greater Good Science Center’s free on-line course that just launched last week. See some of their heartfelt and inspiring answers in this video featuring students from around the world.


If you have yet to sign up, it’s not too late — the course will remain live indefinitely and you can register and take it at your own pace at any time! We have heard that some teachers are creating professional learning communities centered around taking it–why not create your own?

For more information about the Great Greater Good Science Center  please check out their website, chock full of inspiring items!


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