A Quote on Recovery/Transformation


Hi all,

Mental Health Week has arrived and in honor of the event, I wanted to share a quote I’ve come across about recovery. It’s one that resonates with me as a person living with a mental health issue. The focus on transformation makes sense to me because it seems to me that none of us, whether we have a mental health issue or not, can ever go back to who we were years ago. We are all growing and changing as life goes on, mental illness or no mental illness. My goal isn’t to become who I was before I developed a mental health issue, it’s to keep growing and keep changing and maybe become something better. So, here’s the quote I like:

“For those of us who have struggled for years…recovery is not about going back to who we were. It is a process of becoming new. It is a process of discovering our limits but it is also a process of discovering how these limits open upon new possibilities. Transformation rather than restoration becomes our path.” – Patricia Deegan


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