Addiction Recovery Dinner

One of the many information tables.
One of the many information tables.

CIF is really happy to have our first addiction based project.

It was a dinner which happened last night at the Carnegie Community Centre, and it was a great event.

Dinner was served at 5:15 pm and was a substantial meal from Ken’s Kitchen.  Everyone received quite a plate full.  While waiting in line for the meal, people checked out the information tables beside the line up – a lot of material was offered and people took a lot of the pamphlets.

While they ate the first couple of speakers spoke.

The first speaker was from Insite/Onsite and first spoke about what drugs are being laced with.  Then went on further about minimizing the spread of HIV and Hep C.  After that they did an overview of the Onsite detox program, which is a low barrier graduated program. A young woman who had been diagnosed with HIV and was 3 months clean spoke briefly and said getting the HIV+ diagnosis is what drove her decision to get off of the street drugs.

The next speakers were from Vancouver Detox which is a supportive detox program with a doctor and at least one nurse on 24 hrs – this program targets people who have medical as well as drug issues.

Addiction Recover Dinner - one of the info tables
Another of the many information tables.

The next speaker was from the Powell Street Clinic (Powell and Princess) and spoke about their recovery and counseling programs.

Following that the Lung Association spoke about smoking and other lung issues.  Information on quitting smoking as well as how to receive the free 12 week patch/gum to help quit was offered.

To round up the speakers, the Project Manager spoke on his experience recovering from alcohol.  He lightened the evening by telling jokes about it.

By the end of the evening the number of people was less, but for the first couple of speakers there was a great crowd.

The event was well organized, high energy and had a lot of relevant and current information for people.

The evening was finished with a movie that was relevant to addiction recovery for which more people joined the group as it was movie night at the Carnegie.

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