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Sometimes the Hardest Story we Tell is Our Own: Join this engaging session on advocating for our own mental health care needs.

About this free event:

Sometimes the hardest story we tell is our own.

Each time we meet a new healthcare provider or encounter a new system, we are asked to retell our story. Soon we feel like a broken record, with some parts of our story getting twisted., skimmed over or completely missed. This experience can be draining and can create holes in our care when providers don’t consider all aspects of our story. There are added issues with intimidating and time-pressed care settings that make it challenging to share our story properly, even when we find the right words to say.

This webinar will cover the value of owning your story, sharing tips for getting comfortable telling it and how to best share what matters, so you can be your own best advocate and get the best possible outcome for YOU.

Amy Stephenson’s Bio:

Amy is passionate about patient advocacy and building collaborative circles of care. Amy completed her Bachelor of Science in kinesiology at Western University and a Masters in Aging and Health at Queens University. Throughout her education, she faced challenges accessing care moving between health systems and providers while receiving diagnoses for mental health and chronic health conditions. These experiences motivated her to join the Patient and Family Advisory Committee with the CE LHIN. Professionally Amy has worked in an Adult day program providing hands-on care, as a public education coordinator at the Alzheimer Society and is now acting as the Caregiver Wellness Coordinator at the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities.

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ADVOCACY: The Power of Telling Your Story Tickets, Thu, 23 Jun 2022 at 9am PST | Eventbrite

Please note this event is hosted by the Ontario Peer Development Initiative and takes place at 12pm EST (9am PST).

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