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WRAP Your Holiday Season
By Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD

The holidays used to be very hard for me. I worried a lot about them. I was afraid I would be alone and that I would feel discouraged and depressed. Then I decided to be more proactive and make sure I enjoyed the holidays. The first thing I did was make a plan for a day for myself that I would really enjoy following in case no one was available to spend the day with me. This plan included making myself food I love to eat and eating it, listening to holiday music, watching a movie I love, calls to family members who live far away, doing a meditation exercise I enjoy, rereading inspirational poems and a long walk with my dog. Having that plan ready, just in case nothing else worked out, felt really good to me. Once I had that back up plan, I began making plans with others to create the holiday of my dreams. I never did have to use that back up plan but I still have it just in case.

-Mary Ellen Copeland
The holiday season for many cultures around the world is upon us. People are celebrating in many ways; however, this time does not always translate to the magical season depicted in the media. Instead, it can be a stress-filled and lonely time. During the holidays, review your WRAP every day and take time to evaluate whether a holiday adaptation would be of benefit. If you know this season has unique triggers, drawing up an action plan ahead of time will help you get through this difficult time and perhaps even make it enjoyable.

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