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Beautiful Identities - Web ViewWelcome to Beautiful Identities

This is a place for people experiencing ongoing illness. It is a place to explore your identity, to find advice on living with ongoing illness, and to join a community of like-minded people. It is a place to discover the beauty in life, in spite of illness, and to find the inspiration necessary to keep fighting for your own beautiful life, and your own beautiful identity.

Beautiful Identities aims to counteract the way those with chronic and mental illnesses are reduced to the sum of their symptoms, and to address issues regarding identity, self-esteem and body confidence for those with illness.*

Everyone is beautiful, and everyone has the right to a complex and meaningful identity.

*Note that Beautiful Identities cannot offer professional medical advice and should not be seen as an alternative to medical treatment. We strongly advise users to seek medical advice with regards to their illness. Beautiful Identities is intended to be used in conjunction with medical support.

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