Become a Mental Health & Substance Use Interview Panel Advisor

Join a pool of client and family advisors that sit on all MHSU leadership interview panels!

The Client and Family Support and Involvement Team for Vancouver Acute, Community & Regional Tertiary are seeking a number of client and family advisors that can be part of leadership interview panels in all of our Vancouver Mental Health and Substance Use areas: Vancouver Community, Vancouver Acute, and Regional Tertiary.

Our current commitment to Client and Family Advisor engagement within our portfolios includes involving advisors in interview processes for leadership and supervisory staff. In an effort to improve and enhance this involvement, we are hoping to have a centralized group of advisors that we can reach out to when these interview panels come up, and strive to do this in an efficient, consistent and respectful way.

Who are we recruiting?

We are seeking 15-20 persons with lived or living experience (either personal lived experience or as a family member / caregiver) interested in taking part in the staff interview process in MHSU Vancouver Acute, Vancouver Community, and/or Regional Tertiary. Theses areas include the Segal Building units and programs, Community Mental Health teams, Tertiary units and sites.

We are aiming to have client and family advisors meaningfully involved in the interviewing process. The advisors could be on the contact list for short term (3-6 months) or long term (6 months to 1 year); the advisors could decide to only participate once and leave the pool of advisors or stay on the list and be contacted for interviews again. The interviews may be held in-person or virtually, and are generally conducted in a panel group, usually 3-5 people. Interviewers will have pre-established questions, and usually take turns asking them. Most interviews usually last from 45-60 minutes with about 10-15 minutes discussion time afterwards.

Next Steps

For Acute, Tertiary and Urgent MHSU care, our Client and Family Advisor Involvement Guide has established that Client and Family representation is required in supervisory/leadership interviews. This project will help us make sure this involvement takes place consistently and in an efficient manner. The recruitment process will stay open until December 2021.

If interested, please complete the short form below, and someone from the engagement team will contact you shortly. Note: if you are not registered on Engage VCH, you will be asked to do so as this provides us with demographic data on which demographic populations we are hearing from and which communities we need to work harder to reach. For any questions about the process or how your demographic data will be used, please contact


  • We appreciate your registration. Please note that this Interview opportunity is looking for at most 20 registrants to speak to. For all others beyond the 20 who register, we will thank you for your interest and ask that you continue to apply for opportunities like this in the future.Complete Form
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