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CIF logo - Phoenix - new - on white background 5 inches wide or biggerConsumer Initiative Fund (CIF) Consumer Contractor – Liaison Worker

One (1) position available to start April 2015 until end of March 2016.

DUTIES: Assist Consumer Initiative Fund (CIF) Coordinator by keeping in contact with various projects, in particular with project managers via phone, email or meeting for coffee.

Provide support to project managers in setting up and operating their projects.
Liaison between CIF Coordinator and the projects.
Attend one meeting a month to debrief with the CIF Coordinator.
When issues arise keep CIF Coordinator informed.

Be a person using mental health and/or addiction services.
Have education, experience, or interest relevant to facilitating groups.
Demonstrate good reliability, organization, and teamwork skills.
Have good communication skills.
Work well with others as part of a team.
Some knowledge of CIF.

DETAILS: One (1) position available to start April 2015 until end of March 2016. Total contract is worth $3,600 paid in monthly installments.

Submit resumes and cover letter with contact info by mail, fax or email:

Ian Sadler, CIF Coordinator
Vancouver Coastal Health
200 – 520 W 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5X 4H5

Ph: 604-730-7675
Fax: 604-874-7661


CLOSING DATE: Monday, February 2nd, 2015.

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