Consumer Initiative Fund

A program for people who use mental health services and their friends, families and providers.
This is a current and informative peer run website for the issues, events and ideas that sustain our community.
Let’s shed some light on mental health!!!

Statement of Intent

To empower mental health consumers through meaningful involvement

The Consumer Initiative Fund is a unique and progressive program that funds and supports projects that are proposed, managed, and led by people with lived experience with mental illness.

The program consists of project managers, liaison worker/committee members, participants and a coordinator.

Projects foster inclusion and community integration, combat and decrease isolation, provide opportunities for professional and personal growth, build capacity, and encourage participants to realize their potential.

The Consumer Initiative Fund embodies the Philosophy of Recovery with the belief that:

  • Recovery is possible
  • People can have purpose in their lives
  • People can improve the quality of their life through self determination

Link to Projects Fall 2013

Link to Projects 2012      Link to Earlier Projects

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