Consumer Involvement

Consumer Involvement and Initiatives (CI&I).

“The history of the consumer movement highlights the importance of critique, collaboration, participation and continuous renegotiation of the terms on which mental health care is built.”


early 1990’s – The first  individuals with lived experience with mental health services were employed at Vancouver Mental Health Services  (then the Greater  Vancouver Mental Health Services Society, a register non-profit organization.)

1995 -The Consumer Initiative Fund was established

1997 -A formal Peer Support Training program was established.  Since that time, other peer services have been introduced into Vancouver     Mental Health Service.

2001 -Vancouver Mental Health Services (then part of the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board)  initiated a long-term project to work with consumers of mental health services to determine new ways of engaging them in planning, implementation and evaluation of mental health service delivery in Vancouver.

2006– The Consumer Involvement and Initiatives Plan completed and endorsed in principle by Vancouver Mental Health Services , now part of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. The result of extensive community consultation, the report identified priorities and strategies to further effective and meaningful involvement of consumers in services that contribute to their own recovery.


The Consumer Involvement and Initiatives is an umbrella program that amplifies the consumer (service user) voice within Vancouver Community Mental Health and Addiction Services, Vancouver Coastal Health.

Consumer Involvement within the service includes research, representation on boards and committees, strategic development and general employment opportunities.

Consumer Initiatives are a range of services led by and for consumers providing creative opportunities to encourage individuals to explore activities that support recovery and includes designated peer delivered services including the  Consumer Initiative Fund Program, the Vancouver Peer Support Program, and Peer Facilitated Workshops as  Bridges, WRAP and Your Recovery Journey.

If you have questions about our program or are doing similar work, we’d love to hear from  you.


“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be…”   Martin Luther King, Jr.

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