Coping with Moral Distress in Peer Support Webinar

Coping with Moral Distress in Peer Support: A Discussion about ‘Moral Distress’ in our Professional Work.

About this free event

Laura Stanford will lead a discussion on Moral Distress, which involves a threat to one’s moral integrity and what causes it.

Moral distress exists throughout the healthcare system and is something that Peer Supporters are at risk of, but often unaware of, or do not have a name for it. Moral Distress happens when you know the ethically correct action to take, but you are constrained from taking it. During a crisis or disaster, the risk of moral distress increases. Understanding and coping with moral distress to align with our moral compass is essential to preserving our integrity. If it is not addressed, moral distress can lead to moral injury.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

– Define moral distress and moral injury, including identifying their moral compass

– Understand and identify characteristics of moral distress

– Identify times or scenarios in which they may be experiencing moral distress

– Identify ways of coping with moral distress to reduce its impact and possible moral injury

– Identify resources to access when/if experiencing moral distress and/or moral injury

Laura Stanford’s Bio:

Laura is a Peer Specialist with the Pinecrest Queensway ACT Team in Ottawa Ontario, where she brings her lived experience to all aspects of her job. In addition to individual peer support, Laura has started a monthly Peer Recovery Group. Laura has experience working as an Addictions Counselor and a Hepatitis C Outreach Worker, and most recently took a leave of absence from PQ ACTT to work with The Ottawa Hospital to support the development and implementation a Peer Support Program for staff.

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Please note that the event takes place from 12-1pm EST, which is 9-10am PST, on July 21st 2022.

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