Crest.BD announces ‘Better’ a program for those with Bipolar

We are happy to announce that BETTER, a new program for people living with earlier stage bipolar disorder, is welcoming participants from around the world to sign up! The BETTER Research Program will explore whether our interventions are effective for earlier stage bipolar disorder, defined as having fewer than ten episodes.

Participants will have access to an online space with peer and expert videos, interactive exercises, forums, and a personal coach. They’ll get to try out a mental health program, while also contributing to research to improve quality of life for people who experience bipolar disorder.

For more information or to sign up, visit:

BETTER is looking for participants aged 18-65, with home internet access and sufficient understanding of English. Because BETTER isn’t meant to replace usual care, it’s also required that participants are under the care of a medical practitioner. Read our blog post to learn more!

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