Culture and Mental Health Series on

At the beginning of September, the CBC/Early edition featured a week long series on culture and mental health.
The series included:
Monday – Culture of Mental Illness
“In the first part of our week-long series, we hear why people from diverse backgrounds face even more obstacles when dealing with mental illness with Langara student Steven Chua”
Tuesday – Diagnosis
“Culture, belief and denial: in the second part of our series, we hear two personal stories of the barriers to mental health treatment and we open up that difficult conversation to break down some of those barriers”
In some cultures, if one person gets a mental health problem it’s not just on them – it’s on their whole family. We speak to Colin Chow, a registered clinical counselor in Burnaby.
Wednesday – Refugees
Refugees and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Thursday – First Nations
“In our continuing series, we turn to First Nations people whose illness often combines with the trauma of cultural displacement.
Health Canada has indicated suicide and self-inflicted injuries are the leading cause of death among First Nations people aged 44 and younger.
Langara Read-Mercer Fellow Steven Chua tells us about one pathway to healing.”
Friday – Panel
“Breakdown in service, breakdown in understanding: People in diverse cultures aren’t getting the help they need. So what can we do about it? We speak with two people who have been advocating for change both within and outside of “the system”.

The videos of each feature are still available online, click here to check them out!

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