EcoMinds-Gardening For Mental Health 保健園藝

This is a gardening group for people who are interested in gardening and mental wellness. Research has found gardening provides relaxation and stress relieve. It is a great way for people who are stressed out or who have experienced mental health issues to get connected with nature and soil. Gardening is sometimes referred as Ecotherapy.

However, many of us do not have either the time or space to do gardening alone. By working together as a group, we can help each other and learn gardening skills as well as ways to maintain mental and physical wellness.

I’m looking for gardening neophytes and experienced gardeners to join us. Our members enjoy fresh air, friendly advice, and fresh organic produce from the 3 plots.

I live in Vancouver’s River District by the Fraser River. We are part of the newly established Riverfront Park Community Garden, founded by the dedicated Fraserlands Community Gardening Group.

You are welcome to join our Facebook group here

or be part of our EcoMinds team by filling out the membership application form under the “File” tab. Copy and paste the form into a Word program. Complete the form and email to me. First year membership fee free.

我們有兩塊4尺乘10尺的肥沃有機田圃。地址是在温哥华东南角的SEMarine Dr. 和Kerr St. 附近。 所有收成平分給積極參與耕種會員。您有興趣可以參加我們這裡的臉譜網頁


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