Focusing with Isabella – Workshops starting February 25

Hello friends

I’d like to invite you and your friends to join me at a free focusing workshop.

What’s focusing?

In essence, focusing is a communication tool.  But a special one!  First, it helps you to communicate with yourself; then, it helps you to communicate with others.

Focusing helps to stop and listen to what’s going on inside – sensations in the body, or images, words or memories that float up.  This helps us to be more in tune with ourselves.  This in turn supports a myriad of things from lowering stress to making decisions to spending much more time in the present.

And as we get better in communicating with ourselves, we get better at communicating with others, REALLY listening, REALLY understanding.

If you find this interesting, please join me February 25, March 11 and March 25 at the Evergreen Community Centre.

This workshop is specifically for people who interact with people with mental health and addiction issues.

Oh, and since this is part of my focusing teacher certification, the workshop is FREE!

The attached poster will tell you more.

Hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it, please pass it on to someone who you think might benefit.

focusing poster for evergreen2 PDF  FocusingEvergreenRegistration

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