Integrative Dreamwork

Sent on behalf of Craig Matsu-Pissot:
Integrative Dream Work

Craig Matsu-Pissot, Ph.D.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

11:30am to 1pm

Banyen Books and Sound

Free of Charge

Dreams come to us with our best intentions in mind. They can be whimsical or scary, but are always rich, mysterious and pregnant with meaning and relevance. Through a more intimate conversation with deeper realms of awareness, the exploration of dreams provides an opened doorway into our inner life and our personal mythologies and symbols systems, providing insight, depth of emotional experience, and creative ways of perceiving life situations. Learn more about remembering dreams and how to understand your dreams, creating an enhanced and caring relationship with yourself, those you love, and the world.

Craig Matsu-Pissot, Ph.D., employs a technique of dream interviewing wherein he assists the client in their dream inquiry, empowering them to become actively involved in finding the meaning of the dream and connecting these insights with their lives. He has been exploring dreams with clients, colleagues, and friends for over 20 years. Craig has a private psychotherapy practice in Vancouver.

Learn more at his website: www.birdstakeflight@com.


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