Leisure Resources

If you know of any other resources for this area please email us with description and website address.

The Art Studios
Is a Vancouver Coastal Health program that offers art classes to people with mental health conditions.  Website: http://www.vch.ca/EN/find_services/find_services/?&program_id=1188

Open Door Group
Our Leisure and Education Services offer unique and innovative programs designed for individuals to enhance and develop new and existing skills and interests. Program benefits include: development of natural support networks, positive relationships, personal development, empowerment and independence. For residents of Vancouver, 16 years and over whom have a mental health condition. Programs include everything from cooking to computers. Website: http://www.opendoorgroup.org

West Coast Mental Health Network Society
Groups are open to members and non-members. More info…

Indoor Soccer
Purpose: To enhance the physical and psychosocial well-being of individuals (who may be non-English speaking or have language barriers) that wish to participate in a cooperative team sport in the community setting. Great opportunity for people to increase their physical fitness levels, reduce anxiety, and many more benefits. Also great for people with language barriers (non English speaking). Intended for: MHT and Unit clients & friends and family members aged 16-54 who have an interest in soccer. Cost: $1.25 per session if individual has a valid Leisure Access Card (approx. $1.08 per session if client signs up for entire 2-3 month season). More info…

WENLIDO: the Way of Women’s Strength. Self defense courses for women and their children.
Improve your personal safety, while developing effective self-defense skills and confidence in defending yourself in a physical confrontation. The emphasis is on: AWARENESS (learn who the attacker is, why they attack, and what really happens in attack situations); AVOIDANCE (learn how to make your environment as safe as possible without succumbing to fear); and ACTION (learn what you can do to release and fend off physical attacks) Join Wenlido certified instructor Diane Jacobs for a comprehensive 12 hour Basic Wenlido course for adult women. Must be 14 years or older. Maximum 20 per class. Thursday evenings, 7:30 – 9:30pm, at Trout Lake Community Center, 3350 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC Questions? Call Wenlido WEST 604-257-6955 for more details, go to www.wenlido.org, or email Diane directly at leoskye@yahoo.com

Community Centres Resource
A great website where you can search for any activities at any community centre in Vancouver


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