Living with Schizophrenia

Guest blogger Amy Kay sent the story below to us re: her experiences living with schizophrenia. She has a website too and you’ll find a link to it at the end of the article. Enjoy!

"Rising"  Recovery is about rising upward, again and again.


I would love to feature my blog on your website or at least share my story.

This is my personal story of living with schizophrenia:

I used to tell people “I have a bad brain.”

I am not going to say I suffer from schizophrenia but rather I endure and cope with it.

My name is Amy Kay and I have schizophrenia. I do not want to hurt others or myself. Neither do I hear voices and I no longer live in a delusional world.

In 2008 during my initial psychiatric breakdown I did live in a delusional world. In this world I believed I was Mother Earth. I felt I was responsible for taking all souls to heaven with me. I was afraid that my family and friends were trying poison me. I ran away from them. They called the cops and that is how I ended up in the psychiatric ward.

My dad drove from Mobile Alabama to Orlando Florida to take me home with him. During this time I had no insurance so I could not afford the medicines to control my brain disorder. I became fearful that my step mom was trying to kill me. I ended up back in the psychiatric ward. This time in Mobile Alabama.

They put me in a group home. I got my medications straightened out. I am consumer at Altapointe. They have a place for people to get medications for cheap without insurance. So I got my medicines from there until I get insurance.

Today everyone tells me that I am handling my mental illness very well! Sometimes I feel depressed and I have trouble getting close to people. My thoughts can be disorganized. My memory is not always great. Even though I have this disorder I do more than just cope. I take my medications, receive counseling and have a good support system.

I control schizophrenia! It does not control me! Recently I started a blog chronicling my life and how this condition slowly reared it’s ugly head.

I want to inspire people like me that we can live full productive lives! Until recently I would not have attempted to write a blog. However with the encouragement of friends I found that I was more than capable at this endeavor.

Life is difficult. Even more so with a brain disorder but having a fulfilling life is possible!

Thanks for your consideration!



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