Looking for Speaker: “Me and My Doc Talks”

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LOOKING FOR A SPEAKER: “Me and My Doc Talks”

Hello there!

Do you and your psychiatrist have a positive relationship?  Do they support you in an effective manor?  Do you feel that other health professionals could learn from the way the two of you work together?  I am looking for a person who could, alongside their doctor, share their story in this exciting speaker series.

The “Me and My Doc Talks” is a speaker series designed to promote best practices within Mental Health and Addictions.  The intention is to include an audience of any VCH/UBC/Providence employee in order to help reduce stigma when any person with a mental health challenge receives care (from any health care provider.)   The idea is to look at examples of doctor/client relationships where the doctor goes above and beyond to support their client in unique and effective ways.

There have been two sessions so far.  The first in January of this year was called – “FOCUSING ON YOUR CLIENT’S  POTENTIAL FOR RECOVERY” and the second session held in April was titled – “THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIPS – BEYOND THE LABELS.”  The topic of the third session is to be decided and I am looking for speakers composed of a client and their psychiatrist who would be open to sharing their story and be an example for others, to strive to provide the best care possible.  Also.. if you have a solid relationship with your case manager, we could discuss them being a part of the talk as well. The date of this third talk is also to be decided.

If you are interested in being an example to others, you are open to share your experiences with others and you have a great Doctor… please get in touch with me!
If you have any ideas or questions, please contact me at:

Thank you so much!

Warm regards,

Erika Weikle
Case Manager
Mobile 604 653 5664

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