Men’s Depression Website

man with gears - thinkingLooking for Video Participants for a Men’s Depression Website

We are a UBC-based group funded by Movember Canada, making a website specifically for men’s depression. The website focuses on practical tips that encourage men to take action towards preventing, managing and recovering from depression.

Interested in Sharing your Tips and Experiences with Managing Depression?

Our website will include a series of short interview style tip videos (45 seconds to a minute each), and a few slightly longer (2-5min) videos of recovery stories. Eg. A man sharing a stress management technique or a sleep tip.

We are seeking: 

  • Men in the 19-40 age range, who have experience with depression
  • Friends and family members, who have supported a man through depression

Participants will be compensated for their time.

To become involved or for more information please contact:

Project Assistant: Mark Goodwin,,  604-822-3842

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