Mental Health Week: Strathcona Program

karen_a-large-1Strathcona Mental Health Team Mental health Week program, May 27–May 30/13.

Monday, May 27/13, 9:30 to 11:30. “Personality Disorders: what are they, and what do you do for them?”

Charlotte Jackson, Addiction Counselor, and Karen Romanin, Therapist, VGH Outpatients Department, personality stream. The panelists will introduce some of the tenets of attachment theory, and move on to some techniques created by Linehan, and talk about what treatments are available in Vancouver.

Monday, May 27/13, 1:30 to 3:30. “Whose House is this…I think I know: The Downtown Eastside Hotel Project and What It Suggests for the Future Development of Health Services in the DTES?”

In this presentation Dr. Bill MacEwan will present some of the most thorough data ever collected on the health/mental health of inner-city hotel tenants, and through “Q and A” facilitate a discussion on how generalizeable this is to the DTES, and what it signifies for service planning.

Tuesday, May 28/13, 9:30 to 11:30. “Mental Health 101: What exactly is meant by psychosis, clinical depression, dual diagnosis, and all this talk of Axis I.”

Dr, Sean Nolan, psychiatrist, Strathcona Mental Health Team. In this presentation Dr. Nolan will explain many of the disorders, common and uncommon, that are seen at a mental health Team in the Vancouver system.

Wednesday, May 29/13, 9:30 to 11:30. “Shouldn’t they Just All Be in Riverview: Myths, Cliché’s and Debatable Truths.”

Gerry Bradley, manager, Strathcona and West End Mental Health Teams; and Dan Small, Director, Portland Hotel Society; Jack Bibby, Forensic Psychiatric Services; and Howard Tran, Vancouver Police Department. Much of what we know about the Downtown Eastside we learn through newspapers and newscasts. In this presentation, the panelists will try to examine some of the more popular misconceptions and hold them up to the evidence of the data.

Wednesday, May 29/13, 1:30 to 3:30. “The Hearing Voices Network: Fellowship and Empowerment for those Who Hear Voices.”

Gill Walker, Diana Epperson, Renea Mohammed, and Brad Esau. Here the panelists will discuss the almost twenty year old findings out of the U.K. that sharing experiences of hearing voices actually helps people, and they will talk about their own journey in creating this option for people in Vancouver.

Thursday, May 30/13, 1:30 to 3:30.“Running trauma groups in the DTES.”

Stephen Epp, Occupational Therapist, V.C.M.H.S., Lili Clendenning, Community Mental Health Worker, Strathcona Mental Health Team. The panelist will examine the scope of the problem in the DTES, the history of taboos about tackling abuse, and the steps they took to create a program for clients of the Strathcona Mental Health team.

Everyone welcome. All sessions are downstairs at the Strathcona Mental Health team, 330 Heatley ave. Coffee and snacks will be provided. Please come early to get a seat.

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