Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020

This year Mental Illness Awareness Week runs from Sunday, October 4th through Saturday, October 10th, 2020.

The goal of this week is to raise the awareness and work on reducing stigma.

We will be sending out posts regularily this week featuring various topics.

Ending with World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10th.

The theme of World Mental Health Day this year is appropriately mental health in a world with COVID-19 in it.

With the isolation and social distancing we have had to adopt into our lives can be a struggle, but a very important one.

The Consumer Initiative Fund is doing its part in running projects that have Zoom & social distancing in mind. Watch for posts about these projects as they begin. They will be great ways to feel less isolated and participate in our community of mental health consumers.

Also on the website we have links to the major sources of Trusted COVID-19 Information. Just click in these links to access it.

Wishing you the best from Vancouver Coastal Heath and the Consumer Initiative Fund.

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