Money & Mental Health Assistant Needed

Part time substitute facilitator and assistant wanted for Money and Mental Health Project.

Job requirements:
Fluent in English both oral and written
Knowledge of  MS PowerPoint; MS Word; Presentation software; MS Office;
Ability to create a constructive and accepting environment for others.
Criminal record check and references required.
Good interpersonal skills

Ability to perform public speaking an asset

Duties and Responsibilities :
As an assistant: Help purchase snacks, put up posters and motivate others during meetings.

As a stand in Facilitator

Plan Development and Distribution of Meeting Minutes:

1) Facilitate MMHM (Money and Mental Health Meetings) by engaging participants and empowering individuals to learn, plan and communicate how finances impact their lives when combined with mental health/substance abuse issues using approved methodology and plan templates.

2) Ensure through the course of the meeting that the necessary detail and action steps are taken to motivate and educate participants by staying on task, guiding individuals to form realistic goals and practice self acceptance, perform the required presentations, ask the prompted questions and manage possible conflicts.

Other Duties: 1) Take attendance of participants once per meeting, 2) Meet and guide  financial lecturers to the lecture room during guest lecture meetings 3) Set up snacks and create a clean environment conducive to self empowerment 4) Other related duties as assigned.

Confidentiality: 1) Ensures that all participants receive notification of all the applicable confidentiality laws.
With the Money and Mental health conversation initiative, as an assistant a small amount of work is guaranteed monthly for purchasing snacks and promoting events. There is time to be a fill in presenter if need be to in case of emergency sickness by the primary presenter.

This would be a great side job for someone who is on disability and looking to build up their resume, a student with Mondays off, a semi retried person or a otherwise someone who is free on Mondays from 2-4 pm.

Contact: Ingrid

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