Mood Disorder Centre’s MoodFx, a new web-based app for tracking symptoms and outcomes in depression

Researchers led by Dr. Raymond Lam at the UBC Hospital Mood Disorders Centre and UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office have recently released a new web-based app to help depressed Canadians monitor their symptoms and collaborate with their care providers to achieve better treatment outcomes.

The app, MoodFx (pronounced “Mood Effects,” named for its dual focus on mood symptoms and functioning), was developed to address gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of people with depression, including the need for improved screening and measurement-based care.  With MoodFx, patients can easily assess their symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognitive difficulties, and work functioning, using clinically relevant, scientifically-validated questionnaires.  They can also view and print their results to show their care providers and keep track of these symptoms over time with simple graphs.  Unlike most other apps for depression, MoodFx was developed in direct consultation with people affected by clinical depression, and monitors important but often-overlooked aspects of the disorder, such as its effects on cognition and work functioning.

MoodFx will be of interest both to individuals with depression and the clinicians who treat them.  It is available for use for free at  You can read more about MoodFx on the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute website and our Research Program website, and follow us on Twitter (@MoodFx).

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