Movember-Funded Strength in Unity offering MH Training Workshops for Asian Men + Honorarium for attendance

Strength in Unity is a Movember-funded research project offering mental health training workshops for Asian Men (South, East, Southeast Asian), ages 17-99+.

These workshops are intended to help raise awareness, literacy, and general knowledge around mental illness, as well as reduce stigma and increase understanding of the unique experiences that Asian men experience.

Eligible volunteers will be compensated $10 for attending an informational session to confirm their eligibility and $55 for each workshop attended.

Please visit: or email


  1. FAQs for you to review and become familiar with who we are, what we do, and why
  2. National advertising poster
  3. Postcard where people can find volunteer criteria and registration info
  4. Suggested Facebook and Twitter messages for those addressing social media.

Hopefully these attachments will provide several easy methods to help you share information about this important project with your network.

Below is a summary of the Strength in Unity workshops that you can copy, forward, and add a personal message to your contacts. Your support in spreading the word is key to letting people know about this opportunity to receive mental health training and to advocate for positive mental health!

Help us change the way others think about mental illness! A national Movember-funded study is looking for men to participate in mental health training workshops.

We are looking for volunteers who self-identify as South, East, and Southeast Asian men, and are aged 17 to 99+. The workshops located across Metro Vancouver will provide opportunities to learn about becoming community advocates, raising awareness, the benefits of mindfulness, and general knowledge of mental health.

Eligible volunteers will be compensated $10 for attending an informational session to confirm their eligibility and $55 for each workshop attended. Visit: www.Strength-in-Unity. or email 

Warm regards,

Chad (Shehzad) Ali

Research Intervention Associate, Strength in Unity

MSW Candidate

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