New Health and Outreach Peer Empowerment Team (HOPE Team)

Vancouver Coastal Health is developing a new health and wellness initiative, which will include the development of a new recovery and rehabilitation practice involving a new Health and Outreach Peer Empowerment Team (HOPE team). The vision for the HOPE team will be to work with mental health and substance use clients in Vancouver to support tenancy, prevent evictions and expedite discharges from hospital and return to living at the home in the community.

Peer Role
The HOPE Team is a unique opportunity for Mental Health and Substance Use peers to engage in peer coaching and mentoring to develop and build upon clients’ skills and strengths to live healthy and independently. Clients will also have access to other health and wellness programs available through the HOPE Team to support community integration and independence.

We Want to Hear from You!
This initiative is in the early stages of development and we want to hear from you about potential peer roles and responsibilities, as well as some feedback and considerations as a potential service recipient. Progress will be shared as it proceeds.


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