Off the Beaten Track this Holiday Season

From the MDA BC December 2016 Newsletter:

There are probably 10,000 holiday themed “things to do” lists on the internet this year.  However, in an attempt to buck the trend, and on the off chance that you might have a bit of time to spare on self-care, fun and/or something a little different over this holiday season, I have polled various staff and volunteers at the MDABC for some ideas of nifty, non-stereotypical things to do this year.  Below, in no particular order, is what we’ve come up with.  Drum roll please……

#1. Simple but soooo good: Take time or make time to go to your local pool and enjoy a good long steam and/or sauna.  Always a nice self-care treat on a cold, dark, and wet (or possibly snowy) Winters day or night.

#2. Stay home, curl up, and watch the classic Bruce Willis action flick – Die Hard (it does take place during the Winter Holidays after all .. “yippie ki-yay….”).

#3. Check out the The 23rd Annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival:  This celebration harkens back to ancient times and will be in three locations on Wednesday December the 21st (Winter Solstice) from 6pm to 10pm. at YaletownGranville Island, and Chinatown/Strathcona.

#4. If you’re into supercool crafty artsiness, then check out the Emily Car University Art Sale taking place at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.  This is a funky event where you can check out (and potentially support) what up-and-coming artists are creating in this city.

#5. If you don’t have problems with claustrophobia and you have a bit of cash to spare, you might consider treating yourself to a floatation session.  There are floatation spas popping up all over the place these days and many people (myself included) have found this to be an extraordinarily relaxing, stress reducing, and even spiritual/meditative experience.

#6. Join the MDABC meet up group and get invitations to different events around the city.

#7. Well.. this one is pretty stereotypical, but we couldn’t resist.  If you’re into light shows, there are four in the Vancouver area which are all truly spectacular – 1 of which is off the beaten holiday path. Check out the:

#8. Take your inner child out for a play date and have fun with play dough – or some other sculptatory substance such as clay, fimo, etc.  Mindfully enjoy the tactile sensations and the experience of creating something just to see what happens…  You never know, you might attain ‘sculptori’ !!

#9.  On December 25th or January 1st go and gently beat your friends and relatives on the back with a fancy stick while reciting a special poem with wishes for their health and wealth (this one’s from Bulgaria and is called survakane).

#10.  There is no 10.  That would be too stereotypical

A Merry Hanukkah, Wonderful Christmas, Sugoi Omisoka, Excellent Mawlid, Fantastic Festivus, Super Solstice, Communitarian Kwanzaa, Beauti-full Bodhi Day, Happy Makar Sankranti, Brilliant HumanLight, and a generally Joy-full Holiday Season to you all.

compiled by david bowes

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