Open Door Group THRIVE March/April Programs

Greetings from the THRIVE program:

See attached calendar for our March-April thrive programs. Please post at your site and distribute to those who could benefit. 


You can sign up as a participant if:

·         You live in Vancouver or Richmond

·         You are 17 years old or older, and

·         You identify as having a mental health and/or substance use condition

Please note: Our intake/orientations for new participants are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month from 1-2pm.

Upcoming Group Orientation/Intake dates for new participants:

1st & 3rd Tuesday each month |Mar 5 | Mar 19| Apr 2| Apr 16| 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Please contact us directly at 604-876-0773 if these days/times do not work and we can arrange a 1:1 orientation/intake

What’s New for this Spring?:

Here is a sample of some of the classes offered for Mar-April, please see attached calendar for all of our programs. 

Self-Discovery (Personality Dimensions) |This is a self-discovery program, in which participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others in a positive, interactive, fun way. Through understanding the personality styles of ourselves and others. It will help participants to improve communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and self-esteem. Learn your “colours” Thursdays 11:00am-1:00pm (Program starts on March 21st)

Healthiest Winner (community program) | We will be joining a Community “Healthiest Winner” program at Hillcrest Community Center for a weekly group workout led by a fitness professional. This amazing community fitness program also gives participants access to a variety of fitness programs, along with healthy eating guidance, goal setting/support and so much more. Tuesdays 10:30am-12:30pm

Dragon Boating | Learn how to dragon boat in this fun beginners Dragon Boat program. At the end of the program the Conquering Waves Dragon Boat Team competes in the Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival June 21-23, 2019. Saturdays 1:00pm-3:00pm starts March 16th

Making Connections | This program is designed to support participants in building their social skills to foster better relationship building skills and more meaningful relationships with others. Mondays 11:00am- 1:00pm Program starts March 25th.

Peer Leadership Training |This program is helping those in peer roles, gain group facilitation skills. Participants will increase knowledge about facilitation techniques, improve leadership and communication skills, understand group dynamics, become confident in organizing group activities and encourage personal growth.

Starting April 2nd. Program will run twice a week Tuesdays & Fridays 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Implicit Career Search (Career Self Discovery) | Discovering, Defining and Developing you and your career goals. ICS helps participants discover their passion and work purpose. This self-discovery program helps participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Tuesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm

Maya Alonso | Program Coordinator | OPEN DOOR GROUPTHRIVE Leisure & Education Services300 – 30 East 6th Ave, Vancouver BC V5T 1J4T 604.872.0770 ext 1615 | D 604.639.2216E 
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