CIF Forms for Project Leaders

CIF forms for Project Leaders & Assistants:

Most forms can be filled in on your computer.

First download and save the form to your computer, then open it and fill out the fields. Afterwards close and save the form and attach it to an email. Some of the forms will total themselves.

You can also fill in the form by hand.

Click on the title below for the corresponding form.
Version 4 is the current version of each.

  • 1. Fees for Service Request – Both Project Leader & Assistant submit monthly
  • 2. Time Sheet – Both Project Leader & Assistant submit monthly
  • 3. Expenses Report – Project Leader submits monthly with receipts
  • 4. Attendance – Project Leader submits monthly
  • 5. Participant Feedback Survey – The participants of the first session of the project fill out and Project Leader submits. Also the last session of the project the participants fill out the survey again and the Project Leader submits

Project Leaders are responsible for ensuring all of the forms are used for their project.

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