Peer Support Worker Wanted: Art Studios

Hi all,

A Peer Support Worker is wanted at the Art Studios.



CLOSING: February 14, 2017
ONE Contract with Vancouver Recover Through Art Society – Weekend Studio Program
~ 5.5 hours per  Saturday, 3 month contract to start.
Job Description: Under the supervision of the Occupational Therapist you will work with clients with a mental illness and/or addiction to assist them in participating in an open studio art program. You will help create and maintain a safe, welcoming and respectful environment at The Art Studios facility, 44th and Victoria Drive. The successful candidate will be a well-organized, reliable individual who exhibits initiative, flexibility, sound judgment and good interpersonal skills. Duties include communicating all relevant information verbally to pertinent staff during the open studio and at meetings, helping with refreshments, and generally assisting the staff in all appropriate ways.

Qualifications:  The successful individual will:

  1. have completed a Peer Support Training program or have equivalent training or experience
  2. have personal experience receiving services within the mental health system (required)
  3. be able to be a role model to people recovering from a serious mental illness by sharing common life experiences and practical information
  4. have effective strategies for dealing with stress
  5. be able to work cooperatively with mental health staff, consumers and family members
  6. be able to work with a culturally diverse population
  7. be willing to respect other people’s right to decline assistance
  8. be able to present in a professional manner, and
  9. be empathetic, patient and supportive.

Duration of this Placement:  3 Months probation, with potential to renew.
Pay and Hours:  $15.00 an hour, 5.5 hours per Saturday
Start Date: February 25, 2017
Closing Date and Location:  Please submit a resume and a cover letter to:
Vancouver Recovery Through Art Society
email to
2005 East 44 Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V5P 1N1
(Telephone 604-250-4528; Faxes accepted to 604-871-9794)
No later than February 14, 2017

Peer Support Worker Role
Saturday Open Studio program

  1. To engage with clients
  2. To meet with OT at the beginning of shift to be updated on any new clients, or any issues or concerns.
  3. To buy snacks for group and bring to Art Studios for opening at 10:00 am.
  4. To make coffee in the morning and monitor it during the day. Buy more milk if needed.
  5. To check snacks and coffee are available.
  6. To replenish art supplies as needed.
  7. To assist OT as needed.
  8. To ensure the area is clean and tidy and encourage clients to do so also.
  9. To remind clients of the respectful behaviour expected of all participants in the program.
  10. To immediately report to OT if you have any concerns re: a client or clients.
  11. To open door for clients as needed.
  12. To be aware of emergency procedure and fire drill procedure.


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