Peers 18-26 wanted for Working Well Together training course offered by FamilySmart

Sent on behalf of FamilySmart 

FamilySmart is offering Working Well Together Training a number of times over the coming year.

We are looking for:
·  young adults (18 to 26 years) who have their own lived experience of accessing services and supports for mental health and /or substance use challenges

Upon completion of the training, the young adults will receive $80 and a Certificate of Participation.

What is Working Well Together Training? The goal of the training is to enhance child/youth mental health services and support.  It brings young adults, parents/caregivers, and service providers together to learn and share their perspectives. By learning together, participants help each other understand what it looks like and sounds like when things go well between young adults, parents/caregivers, and service providers. We know that relationships matter and can enhance the mental health of children and youth.

FamilySmart has a Together-Centred approach, which means EVERYONE’s experience, expertise, and contributions are acknowledged, respected, and valued.  Everyone is seen and treated as an asset.

Please go to for more information.

The dates are:

Wednesday, November 17/21 – Wednesday, December 1/21
Participants will be learning on their own (about 2 hours each week) as well as attending two group learning sessions on Zoom. The total time commitment for this training is about 8 hours. The group learning sessions are:

*Wednesday, November 24/21 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm 
*Wednesday, December 1/21 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm 

Young adults interested in our training can email

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