Provincial Accessibility Committee: Openings available

The Provincial Accessibility Committee (committee) will have 11 members picked by the Minister. Membership will follow the structure outlined in the Accessible British Columbia Act. At least half the committee will include:

  • people with disabilities, or
  • people or organizations that support people with disabilities

It will also have at least one Indigenous person. The committee will represent the different backgrounds and experiences of British Columbians.

The committee will make sure that people with disabilities are part of implementing the new law. The committee will provide input on ideas proposed to carry out this new law. The committee will follow the principle of “nothing about us without us.”

The committee’s scope of work:

  • Oversee the work carried out by technical committees
  • Talk to the public about accessibility standards
  • Submit accessibility standards suggestions to the Minister
  • Give advice to the Minister on the government’s accessibility plan
  • Give advice to the Minister on rolling out the Accessible British Columbia Act and of government’s work on accessibility

The committee will meet at least four times a year for half-day to full-day meetings. Members may be paid for their work on the committee.

For more information about the position, please check out the full job posting.

The deadline for these positions is July 29, 2021.

Please contact Shay at if you:

  • wish to submit an application in an alternative format,
  • have any questions, or
  • require support to apply
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