PWR (Plan for Wellness and Recovery) Workshop at THRIVE

(Plan for Wellness & Recovery)
Workshop Series

Facilitated by the VCH Peer Led Workshops Program

Thursdays, April 6 – May 4, 2023
3:00 – 5:00 PM

The THRIVE Program
1151 W. 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC


PWR is a means by which you can keep track of what does and does not work for you in maintaining wellness and managing periods of feeling unwell so you can live your best life. This plan will be created and tailored by you – it will be your Plan

The learning process

Participants are encouraged to reflect on themselves, what they are like when they are well, identify stressors and develop wellness strategies to improve their well-being.

Integrating PWR in daily living

PWR can be used for everyday life as well as to prepare for events, both planned and unexpected. Your Plan will help:

  • Decrease and manage unwanted or troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Empower you to make positive choices and decisions regarding your health
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Take steps towards identifying/achieving your goals and dreams

By having and using your Plan, you may have fewer difficult times and when wellness challenges arise, you will be better prepared to get through them.

Topics include:

  • Wellness Tools: Ways we can stay well
  • Daily Maintenance Planning: Things we need to do to keep ourselves well
  • Triggers: Events that makes us feel worse
  • Crisis Planning: A plan to take care of ourselves

Next workshop series:

Thursdays, April 6 – May 4, 2023
3:00 – 5:00 PM
The THRIVE Program
1151 W. 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC

For more info & to register, email or call 604-708-5274.

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