Recovery in Acute and Tertiary Settings (issue 8)

Issue 8 of On Our Way: Recovery News explores Recovery in Acute and Tertiary Settings.

Welcome to the eighth edition of “On Our Way: Recovery News”. By request this issue starts out with a definition of recovery. There are many such definitions, and we will endeavor to start each issue with one of them, always remembering that recovery means different things to different people. We also received feedback that folks liked the themed issue we did a while back on Involuntary Treatment and Recovery, so this issue also has a theme: Recovery in Tertiary and Acute Settings. You will find articles about St. Paul’s Hospital – Ward C, Acute Home Based Treatment and the Forest Edge Tertiary Unit. As always, we’ve also included an update on the work of the Recovery Advisory Committee as well as the “Perspectives Pages”, this time featuring two articles by family members with loved ones receiving tertiary services, an article by the Peer Facilitators working at Forest Edge and an article from a service user.

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