Recovery Insights

From the “Words of Wisdom” sections of On Our Way Recovery News:

“Recovery is living one day at a time. It is building new dreams, making new understanding friends and learning to live within my abilities. Recovery is spending the time to heal and become whole once again.” – Anita

“Recovery to me is about living the life I want despite living with a mental illness. It is about recognizing that mental illness is only a small part of who I am. I am a valuable, contributing member of society doing all I can do and being all I can be.” – Debbie

“For those of us who have struggled for years…recovery is not about going back to who we were. It is a process of becoming new. It  is a process of discovering out limits but also a process of discovering how these limits open upon new possibilities. Transformation rather tan restoration becomes our path.” – Patricia Deegan

“Recovery involves addressing one’s changed status; one’s changed relationship to state power as embodied in mental health legislation, one’s own perception of one’s status and power, and above all one’s identify.” – Ron Carten

“The main thing to remember is that you should never give up and the help is out there. It took me 8 months to find the “right” help for me, and I did it by networking. I was isolating myself and staying home, but not getting any better. So no matter how you feel, get out and do stuff.” – Wendy

“Recovery means connecting to nature. When I feel the power of nature I am in touch with my inner self. Recovery also means being in balance and nature helps with that.” – Susan

“For me recovering from mental illness means getting stronger in regards to the way I think and feel about my accomplishments. I enjoy being a [peer support worker] PSW and assist people to find work through the “Therapeutic Volunteer Program”. This gives everyone hope and confidence for a brighter future. I strongly believe that each person deserves a chance to grow in their own way.” – Diane

“Recovery is a deeply personal, unique process changing one’s attitude, values, feelings, goals, skills and/or roles.” – William Anthony

“Acceptance of having mental illness is the first step towards healing. Once the denial is gone, then the person can go about making the necessary steps required to stabilize the mental illness. Finding the correct medication and taking them regularly is vital to recovery. A healthy diet, drinking lots of water, proper sleep, vitamins and supplements and spirituality are essential to aid in a successful recovery.” – Paul

“Patience and perseverance are the first words that come to my mind regarding my own experience of mental health recovery and what I have witnessed with others. We need to have patience first of all with ourselves, especially because the path to recovery never takes a straight or direct route and can often be very long and slow. We also need to cultivate an attitude of patience towards others, our families, friends, loved ones those involved in our recovery, since not everyone is going to understand what we are going through. Finally, I think that the Phoenix is an excellent metaphor to hold onto: rising in a new and beautiful form from the ashes of our humiliation.” – Aaron

“Recovery is a journey of self-reflection and discovery.” – Vancouver Community Mental Health Services Core Competency Series Workshop Participant

“A person can live a hopeful and fulfilling life separate from their condition and in the presence of symptoms” – Vancouver Community Mental Health Services Core Competency Series Workshop Participant

“When I started to believe I could recover, I started to get better.” – Anonymous

“When I  get motivated or get any housework done, I would call someone: a friend or a professional. I would then do some housework, while talking to them. By the time I got off the phone, I had something started or done, and felt better.” – Eternal

“What is recovery? To live a happy, satisfying life doing what I want and being all I can be.” – Anonymous

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