Research Study – CANSTAR: An Open-Label, Non-Randomized Registry of the Natural Use of Paliperidone Palmitate in Canada

Name of Study:

An Open-Label, Non-Randomized Registry of the Natural Use of Paliperidone Palmitate in Canada: Canadian Sustenna Treatment Assessment Registry (CANSTAR)

Purpose of this study:                    

The purpose of this study is to collect data on patients in Canada who are switching from oral antipsychotic therapy to INVEGA® SUSTENNA® to treat schizophrenia.

The goals of the study are:

  • To look at how treatment with INVEGA SUSTENNA affects patients with schizophrenia.
  • To understand how long-acting treatments are being used in everyday clinical practice.

 Who can participate?

  • 19 to 65 years of age
  • Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
  • Able and willing to comply with the study protocol
  • Ambulatory (not chronically hospitalized)
  • Switching from an oral antipsychotic medication to INVEGA SUSTENNA
  • Competent to give informed consent

What is involved?

Participants will take medication prescribed by their doctors as usual, and their doctors and nurses will write down information about their health and normal treatment. There will be no changes to the patients’ care as a result of participating in the study. This study will track participants’ treatment over a 1 year period. They will be asked to visit the study doctor a total of 14 times: first visit (enrolment), about 1 week later and monthly visits for a year after starting treatment.

During some of these visits, participants will be asked to fill out questionnaires and about how they feel on the new medication. These questions will look at how the illness affects participants’ daily activities. If participants have a friend, family member or unpaid caregiver that accompanies them for appointments, they may also be asked to fill out a questionnaire on how they are feeling.

When does this study take place?

This study is open for recruitment until December 2015.


Where does this study take place/location?

Vancouver General Hospital – Research Pavilion, 2nd floor

828 West 10th Avenue

Vancouver, BC. V5Z 1L8

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Soma Ganesan  MD, FRCPC

Head and Medical Director, Department of Psychiatry, Vancouver Acute & Vancouver Community

Clinical Professor

Contact Information:

Boris Feldman

Research Coordinator

Phone: 604 875 5823


To learn more about this study, visit:

To learn more about VCHRI research, visit

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