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Effect of Genetic Counseling on Adherence to Psychotropic Medication

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Austin Proposal
Effect of genetic counseling on adherence to psychotropic medication in serious mental illness
1 Aim
To conduct a proof-of-concept study to examine the effect of genetic counseling (GC) on treatment adherence and illness management-related self-efficacy in people with serious mental illness (SMI).
Approximately 3% of the population (around 960,000 Canadians) is affected by serious mental illness (SMI) like schizophrenia, bipolar, and schizoaffective disorder. Among individuals with SMI, 50% (or more) do not take their psychotropic medications as prescribed1-4. The human cost associated with medication non-adherence for affected individuals and their families is huge – non-adherence can increase risk of relapse of psychiatric illness –which can result in more emergency room visits, hospitalizations, poorer course of illness5, and completed suicide attempts4. Further, the economic burden associated with non-adherence to psychotropic medication is also
enormous – it has been estimated that up to a quarter of all healthcare….. (download full proposal to read more)

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