Ride Don’t Hide – Vancouver 2014

Ride Don't Hide 2014

We’re about a month away from the big day!

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2014 Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide

Greater Vancouver 

Sponsor spotlight

You probably know Xerox as the world’s leading enterprise for business process technology and document management.  But did you know that since 2009, Xerox and their employees in Vancouver have supported the CMHA Community Bike Ride – and that this year, the company is a diamond level sponsor of Ride Don’t Hide here and in Toronto?  It began with Mel Thompson, a senior executive who rode across Canada in 2009 in The Ride for Mental Health, to raise funds for, and awareness of, mental health.  Although Mel is now retired, he is instrumental in getting Xerox and their employees involved in our ride every year.

This year, Team Xerox aims to have over 100 riders across the country.  Patrick Tallon, VP of Client Operations says that “participating in events like Ride Don’t Hide allows people to open up and speak about their own experiences with mental health and absolutely alleviates the sense of loneliness and in many cases, desperation that people feel.”  They see the event itself as a fun event that brings families and individuals together to promote wellness, and their continued participation allows the company to contribute directly to CMHA services that support care, advocacy and research into mental health issues. We deeply appreciate everything that Team Xerox does for Ride Don’t Hide and their support of mental health in communities across the country.

Your donations support…

Funds raised from Ride Don’t Hide help make bursaries available for one of our most popular educational programs, Living Life to the Full.

From time to time all of us struggle with day to day challenges like sleeplessness, inactivity, excessive worry or lack of confidence.  Living Life to the Full teaches techniques for overcoming these and for improving your mental health (even if you don’t live with a diagnosed mental illness).  During supportive and engaging workshops, participants learn to identify negative thoughts, how to challenge them and then how to become more active and build confidence.  Living Life to the Full works especially well for people who want to impact what they are feeling, thinking or doing in a certain area of their lives, and enables anyone to identify real and immediate opportunities for change.  It is also an opportunity to make lasting connections, and participants often develop bonds that go well beyond the sessions. Bursaries help those with low income to attend the course, and start living their own lives to the full!

Click here to learn more, register and live a more mentally healthy life.

Putting the fun in fundraising

Ride Don’t Hide is all about community engagement, and this week, we’re challenging you to think of ways to let people in YOUR community know about Ride Don’t Hide and why you are taking part. Think about someone you know – friend, family, co-worker – who may not do something on their own, but if they’re asked, might appreciate the invite.  It may even someone in your community, like your favorite barista or someone in your local shop – strike up a conversation, tell them about your involvement and encourage them to check it out.  Challenge yourself to reach out, and remember even the simplest connections can be powerful and can bring about change in anyone’s life – yours or someone else’s. Need some inspiration?  Visit our RDH blog and read about Lynn Spence who participated in the 2013 Ride Don’t Hide event to challenge herself to end a 10-year hiatus from cycling and to connect with her family for a great cause!

Training tips:  Warming up to ride with your community

We’re about a month away from the big day!  It’s been great weather to get out and do some training rides and with events like Bike to Work in full swing, there has been lots of support and excitement about getting geared up.

This week’s Sugoi blog is all about being prepared while you’re out there.  Make sure you check out their recommendations for a pre-ride checklist and how to build your repair kit.  Week three of the training plan has also been posted.  Good luck with however you are getting ready to ride!

Thank you for registering for the Shoppers Drug Mart  Ride Don’t Hide – Greater Vancouver Event

The Canadian Mental Health Association exists to promote the mental health of all and support the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. We do this through advocacy, education, community-based research, and services. The Canadian Mental Health Association is part of one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada, which provides direct service to more than 100,000 Canadians through the combined efforts of more than 10,000 volunteers and staff across Canada.

“Mentally Healthy People In a Healthy Society”

Canadian Mental Health Association Ride Don’t Hide


Register to ride on Sunday June 22, 2014, click on the following link: www.ridedonthide.com/bc/ride/greater-vancouver

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