Riverview Village Project – a community of one’s own!

Sent on behalf of Herschel:

This is an invitation to all those in Greater Vancouver living with mental illness to get together with me over pizza to talk about a proposed Village for the Riverview Lands especially designed for folks with such challenges and hopes.  We’d like to explain the idea and also  to get their feedback.

As I mentioned when we talked, the proposal is for an “intentional community” – people with lived experience and with others integrated in a village together, to help those with lived experience not only to cope but to flourish.   It’s a great idea, a community of one’s own – quite innovative although there are some models to draw on.

I have in mind, for a get-together, something informal – sitting around in a circle, eating pizza, getting to know each other, and exchanging thoughts.  We could also use some help with a photo shoot, but that’s for another occasion.

Could you invite anyone who might be interested in hearing about the idea to contact me  either by phone (604-922-7153) or by email (herschel@riverviewvillage.ca)?  We’ll probably have two gatherings, one on the North Shore and one in Vancouver.  We can decide on the specifics later.   With emails, could people let me know what city/municipality they’re in, and also what’s a good time for them, that is, when they’re usually available?  I’ll get those details directly from those who phone.   For phone calls, if there’s nobody at home, please leave a message with a number where you can be reached.

Many thanks for this.  People should also feel free to contact me if they have questions.



Herschel Hardin, President

Riverview Village Intentional Community Society



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