Social Connection Grant

Once again we are accepting applications for the Social Connection Grants.

This round of the grants starts right now. If you have not received one of these grants in the spring/early summer, or are new to the Social Connection Grants, you can apply. Read below:

As there is a lot of social isolation these days due to world events, the Consumer Initiative Fund has created Social Connection Grant just for this situation.

This grant is intended for consumers who specifically live within the bounds of the City of Vancouver, as opposed to elsewhere in the Lower Mainland.

It is meant to help cover the costs involved in maintaining contact with the world outside of your home.

You can use it as you wish, to put towards your landline, cell phone or even internet costs.

To apply just fill in the form below.

The deadline is the last day of each month while the virus situation continues.

There will be a draw for 10 people each month.

Each of the 10 recipients will receive a cheque for $75 to put towards their expenses.

If your name comes up in the draw, you can only receive the grant once.

To have the cheque mailed to you, we will contact you via email. You must reply to this email within 48 hours to receive your grant.

We will need the following information as the cheque is drawn up as fees:

Your legal name (the one your bank uses) and postal mailing address, and your SIN number as VCH views it as income.

Once we have that info we can send a request to have a cheque sent to you.

Note that it can take up to 4 weeks to receive the cheque.  It usually is faster, but sometimes there is a wait.

When you receive the cheque you do not need to provide us with receipts at all, just use the funds as best suits you.

Social Connection Grant
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