Special Action Committee (SAC)

Special Action Committee (SAC)

The Special Action Committee (SAC) is a group of dedicated peers who have been involved with Vancouver mental health services for many years. The key organizers volunteer to source, organize and host public education events for local peers. Funding for the events is provided by the Consumer Initiative Fund program, Vancouver Mental Health and Substance Use Services.


Key members of the SAC were former members of the past Special Advisory Committee, a legacy of the Greater Vancouver Mental Health Services days when the Vancouver mental health teams sent representatives from their local client advisory committees to a larger community meeting for networking and to gather info to share back with their home committees.


Since 2015, the new SAC has organized approximately three workshops a year, covering a wide range of topics. Popular topics are repeated allowing more peers from across the city to attend. Attendance at the sessions averages about 35 people, with some hot topics attracting over 50 attendees.

The SAC welcomes suggestions for workshop topics and can be reached at  604-714-3771 ext. 2238

Topics covered

February 2013Changes to Disability Benefits (BC Coalition of People with Disabilities)
September 2013RDSP in-person workshop (PLAN BC)
January 2014MH Team client input requested regarding client Transitions to Other Community Services
June 2014Service Canada re Federal Benefit Programs
October 2014Employment Services for People with Disabilities (Service Canada/YWCA)
February 2015Provincial Benefits for People on PWD after 65
June 2015Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications (Dr. Ric Procyshyn)
October 2015Changes to Provincial Benefits after Age 65 (Disability Alliance BC)
February 2016Service Canada – Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, GIS, and other benefits
June 2016ECT and Depression (Dr. Joseph Tham)
October 2016A workshop for those on BC Disability Benefits  – Changes Provincially and New rules on Assets for Persons on PWD II
March 2017Sleep Disorders
June 2017VCH Crisis Response Team
October 2017Mental Health Housing, a joint presentation by VCH Mental Health Supported Housing and BC Housing (videotaped)
February 2018Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
July 2018Eating Well for Your Wellbeing (a with a VCH Registered Dietician from the VCH Healthy Living program)
October 2018 Transit Safety
March 2019 Mental Health Act
June 2019Changes to Disability Benefits
October 2019Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, GIS and Other Benefits
February 2020A Workshop on Brief Action Planning by the Centre for Collaboration , Motivation and Innovation
November 2020Coping with Anxiety and Depression During a Pandemic – a talk by Dr. Tigerson M. Young
November 2021A talk on Personal Safety
November 2022BC Disability Benefits and Transition to OAS.
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Next Event is TBD

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