Spotlight on Bipolar Disorder

Are you one of the 502,150* Canadians who live with Bipolar Disorder?
(or know someone who is?)

The CREST.BD Bipolar Wellness Centre might be of interest to you….

“Self-managing bipolar disorder is like ‘a ship that’s always righting itself.” – CREST.BD

The team at CREST.BD* have put together an amazing resource toolkit to help people living with bipolar disorder live well. Based on initial research done here in Vancouver, the team asked people who live with BD, who identify as thriving, to help suggest tips for other folks to try.

One of the most accessible tools is the Bipolar Wellness Centre.

Take a look around for yourself and tell us what you think!

*based on 2011 census data – the population of Canada (33,476,688) – and 1.5% prevalence of bipolar disorder in Canada based on data from the same year.

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