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Journey to Mural Without Walls:
with Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture at the Vancouver Mural Festival

by Althea Adams

I have always wanted to paint a mural. It is on my ‘bucket list’ and I was not quite at that stage yet, constantly learning and improving my artistry to get there.

I volunteered and worked on 2 mural projects of others (part of my bucket list) and learned some new things while receiving valuable experience. I loved it and had so much fun!

Now with Kickstart’s Murals Without Walls (MWW) I get to do it for myself: my work and project. This is such a surreal opportunity and experience. My energy is high and I appreciate and thank Kickstart for this wonderful opportunity!!! They have been encouraging and helpful every step of the way. I also offer my appreciation to the Vancouver Mural Festival; I hear they will have people there to assist in anything we need to work on our murals.

On Saturday, June 25, 2022, I joined in on the City Centre Opening Weekend Block Party to experience the energy and take a look at the Artist Studios at the City Centre Motor Hotel, where the Vancouver Mural Festival kick-off was. I am very interested in renting of one of these studios that are available at an affordable cost.

It was a high-energy and positive space and included an outdoor disco, art, connection, and enjoyment: great for mental health and wellness. I received and experienced so much laughter and high energy. It was especially beneficial in helping me to move forward and get out of my head, as my beautiful dog, Orshia, had passed at the end of the previous month.

I met some wonderful artists in the studios, all vivacious and informative, great people. I refer to it as “a kaleidoscope and collage of artistry” in one place, or as Ehren Salazar said, “…like a bee hive.” It was my pleasure meeting and talking with all of the artists and others in attendance!

The Opening Weekend Block Party was a consumer and artist’s dream! I will be checking out more of these studios. There are so many creative arts that it can be tough to decide, especially when one is a lover of the arts.

Check out some of the featured artists:

The Vancouver Mural Festival runs August 4 – 14, 2022. Come and join in on the fun and receive some creative energy!

Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

Althea Adams
Infinite Artistry

Innovative creative visual artist expressing her art as a spirit, aspects of reflection of her and her mental and spiritual journey. Her visions that are now seen as an expressive art form shown through her eyes. Participating in art exhibitions around Vancouver who are inclusive of all, such as the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival/Touring show and Vancouver Outsiders and Others. Seeking to showcase her talent in Vancouver Community and around the world.

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