Supporting Families – Resilient Kids Group 2018-2019

From: Bill Arbuckle, MCP, RCC

The group is 6-weeks long

All Thursday evenings – 5:30 to about 8pm

There will be 3 “sessions” – the first starting September 27th – but there will be a social event on August 30th for past and future families, also a Thursday, it will run 5:30pm-7:30pm – the other 2 groups will run later in November and then in February, with another social event schedule for December

The curriculum (or however you’d like to define it) of the groups is still being worked on, but what’s done has not been digitized so I can’t really e-mail it, but I can give you the overall themes if that would be helpful?

There is an online registration for the informal, social event next Thursday (Aug 30th), the 4 intake forms for the actual programs (They are a package, clients need to fill out all 4, it just won’t let me send them as a folder haha), and I’m told there is a poster for the actual groups in the works, but it won’t be completed until this weekend.

The link for the online registration is:

The Group Curriculum (I don’t remember if I sent this to you, I don’t see anything in my Sent folder)

For the Kids’ Group
Week 1 – Introductions
Week 2 – Resilience
Week 3 – Worry (Anxiety)
Week 4 – Anger
Week 5 – Sadness (Depression)
Week 6 – Happiness and Closing

Have not completed planning the Parents’ Group as yet, but roughly:
Week 1 – Introductions/Mental Health
Week 2 – Resilience/Mental Illness
Week 3 – Problem-Solving
Week 4 – Coping/Self-Care
Week 5 – Empathy/Having Conversations
Week 6 – More on Communication/Conversations/Empathy and Closing

The order may change slightly for either group, but the overall content should remain the same


Bill Arbuckle, MCP, RCC

Coordinator / Manager

Resilient Kids Program
Westcoast Family Centres
Phone (Office): 604.254.5457
Phone (Cell): 604.417.3951
Fax: 604.254.6169

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