The Consumer Initiative Fund’s 25th Anniversary!

This year we are celebrating the Consumer Initiative Fund’s 25th Anniversary.

The fund started in 1995 and continues to fund consumer proposed projects for participants who are also consumers.

A few of the things CIF has as ongoing are:

  • Crisis Grants – $85 towards unexpected circumstances
  • Art Grants – $75 towards art supplies or classes
  • Education and Leisure Fund – $400 towards educational pursuits

The Education and Leisure Fund is currently accepting applications – up until Thursday October 15, 2020

This year with what is happening in the world (COVID-19) we have introduced virtual projects where the project activities take place online, using Zoom for example, or incorporated social distancing.

These projects are just getting started now.

The various projects include some where the participants learn art techniques, other work at writing skills, and in one they are playing tennis by observing social distancing.

Look for updates as the projects start!  We will be posting posters and further information.

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