The new Consumer and Family E-list Digest

Over the last few months Renea and I have been working on streamlining our website ( and the consumer side of the Consumer & Family E-list.The changes we have made simplify the process and you are now receiving a digest of the posts to the website (the content you usually receive via the E-list).

There has been a short gap in posts to the E-list as we finalized the new system.

This change cuts down on the individual emails that you will receive.

To make the categories work with this new system we have simplified them.

Based on their prior preferences, we categorized what people wanted to receive into the following:

  • Consumer Focused Information
  • Family Focused Information
  • Both Consumer and Family Focused Information

You can change the category you are in at anytime by clicking the link “update subscription preferences” at the bottom of any digest or post from the E-list.

Each digest contains a brief summary of items, so you can decide which ones you want to read.  If you click on the item’s title or “read on…” you will be taken to the Spotlight website where the full post resides.

Wishing you the best,

Ian Sadler, Coordinator
Consumer Initiative Fund

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